Hugues Dufourt

French Composers Names’ — Hugues Dufourt

This week’s composer is Hugues Dufourt, another clever chap. Born in 1943 in Lyons, Dufourt trained both in Philosophy and Music at the highest levels. He was one of the directors of Ensemble L’Itinéraire in 1975 and founded the Collectif de recherche instrumentale et de synthèse sonore (CRISS) with Alain Bancquart and Tristan Murail.

His last name features a pure ü and a pure oo sound next to each other. The French u sound, that I often write ü for people who might be familiar with German, is pronounced by saying ee while one’s mouth is in an o shape. Try it, it’s fun. The final consonant (t here), as often in French, is not pronounced. It’s just to score higher at Scrabble.

Here is the MP3:


Link to MP3 — ICIYL – Hugues Dufour

Here’s a video of the Amstel Quartet playing Dufourt’s Saxophone Quartet (1993)… I just love saxophone quartets, don’t you?

Amstel Quartet plays Hugues Dufourt