I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine Hits Pause

After two years and 12 issues, I am very sad to announce that I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is going on a hiatus.

I am thankful for the support the Magazine has received and the raving reviews it was getting in the app stores.

We would have needed a much bigger team, though, to really achieve the standards that I wanted for our readers: Technical support, for instance, was becoming an issue and we didn’t have the bandwidth to address it properly.

Apple and Google also make it very hard to manage one’s magazine subscribers, and there were some basic things that we were not able to achieve because of that. We cannot, for instance, let all subscribers know that there won’t be any more issues, even though we did discontinue all subscriptions at once today.

Ironically, the Apple Newsstand—that caused us so many problems—will be retired today, during Apple’s Fall keynote…

If you were a subscriber

You will still have access to all the issues that were downloaded on your device.

Your subscription has been discontinued and you will not be charged anymore.

Since payments go through Apple and Google, we are unable to issue refunds. Here are some resources for you:

We can’t thank you enough for your support and for making I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine possible.

The blog lives on

The blog is doing well and our team is stronger as ever. Nothing will change here. The issues the Magazine was having were starting to threaten its future and I had to make this sad decision.

What now?

We are temporarily removing the apps from the stores (Apple’s App Store and Google Play), ending all subscriptions.

The iOS app will be back soon, once iOS 9 is released and Newsstand is retired (announced later today). It will be a standalone app.

Moving forward, each issue will be available for purchase individually. Most of our articles are evergreen and I’m sure people will still find value in them a year from now.

The Android app will return to the store once I am able to create individual Issue in-app purchases. I do not have a timeline for this.

In the future, we will have the ability to release special issues on behalf of festivals, labels, music presenters, etc. How cool would it be to read interviews and watch video previews and more, in a Magazine format, while attending a concert series?

Need more help?

Please, visit our support page and open a ticket (“Contact support”) if you have questions, comments, or concerns. I opted for a ticketing system so I can make sure that we follow up on every request.

Thank you again for your support.