Video Premiere: Tenth Intervention We Are Anonymous

Today’s video premiere of “We Are Anonymous” comes to us from Tenth Intervention, composer Dorian Wallace, choreographer Jennifer McQuiston Lott, and content.io.

“We Are Anonymous” is the second movement of Tenth Intervention’s immersive chamber work with movement We Are Legion based on the hacktivist collective Anonymous. The piece, written by Dorian Wallace, blends extreme metal, free improvisation, and contemporary classical music idioms, addressing Anonymous’ mission to uphold freedom of speech and expression, as well as actively fighting against civic, corporate, and religious extremism and oppression.

“We, as citizens of the world bear witness to tyranny, oppression, and censorship.” – Anonymous

We Are Legion was choreographed by Jennifer McQuiston Lott and filmed by content.io: Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse. Dancers in the video are Natsuki Ara, Marissa Brown, Stephanie Salts, and Jeremy Zapanta. Recorded at Soundcat East, with Hajnal Pivnick – violin blue, Jessica McJunkins – violin yellow, Hannah Levinson – viola, Caleigh Drane – cello, Kelley Barnett – flute, Michael Eaton – tenor saxophone green, Lathan Hardy – tenor saxophone magenta, Dorian Wallace – piano, Carl Limbacher – bass, Max Maples – drum set red, and Charlie Kessenich – drum set cyan.

About Tenth Intervetion

Tenth Intervention is equal parts presenting organization, music series, and artist collective in New York City. Through modern music, we present a bold and progressive concert series that explores the intersection of performance, experiential art, and its potential to reflect social issues. Founded in 2012 by violinist Hajnal Pivnick and composer/pianist Dorian Wallace, the group formed with the purpose of creating new work in a highly collaborative environment. Together with composers, musicians, visual artists, choreographers, and dancers, Tenth Intervention has produced programs that expand the reach of music to be community focused, diverse, and pioneering.

Our programming has been recognized with foundational support from the Lower Manhattan Community Council, the Earle Brown Music Foundation, and the Puffin Foundation. We have been presented as featured artists at National Sawdust, NPR’s Science Friday, New Music Gathering, Biome Arts/Swale, Bandits-Mages, Centre Pompidou, the Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR, Studio 360, Vox Hebraica and Videology for our Silent House live score to silent film residency.

About Dorian Wallace

​Dorian Wallace is a composer, pianist, teacher, and activist. His work explores elements of the conscious and unconscious experience, deep political conscientiousness, socio-historical themes, protest, activism, secularism, existentialism, performance art, genre crossing, and often features improvisational elements. He is cofounder and artistic director of new music collective, Tenth Intervention, and conductor of the improvisational septendectet, The Free Sound Ahn-somble, both based in New York City.

​His compositions have been performed worldwide at venues such as The Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR, Pompidou Centre, Palais Jacques Coeur, The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, National Sawdust, Universidad de Costa Rica, and GK Arts Center. Wallace has composed and collaborated with artists including Alison Cook Beatty Dance, Robert Ashley, Hernando Bensuelo, Seneca Black, Tiger Chengliang Cai, The Cleveland Orchestra Piano Trio, Composers Concordance, Experiments In Opera, John King, Dave Liebman, Frank London, LottDance, Matt Marks, Brianna Matzke, Charlotte Mundy, New Vintage Baroque, Periapsis Music and Dance, Paul Pinto, Hajnal Pivnick, RIOULT Dance, John Sanborn, Son Lux, TRIODance, Aleksandra Vrebalov, and Pamela Z.