French Composers’ Names – Henri Dutilleux

This next composer in our French Composers’ Names series is Henri Dutilleux, a French composer whose work is often said to be in the tradition of Ravel, Debussy, or even Roussel. A kind of a free thinker, I rather like what he said about the dark years that followed WWII: “What I reject is the dogma and the authoritarianism which manifested themselves in that period.”

Pronunciation wise, the challenging element (apart from the French u see Murail) is probably the semivowellleux. It is pronounced as a glide, as if you were trying to say “yuh” in English. Here it is:

[audio:http://icareifyoulisten.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ICIYL-Henri-Dutilleux.mp3] Link to MP3: ICIYL – Henri Dutilleux | Get Henri Dutilleux scores!

I leave you with his Blackbird (1950), one of a few chamber pieces he wrote, performed by Anne Queffélec.

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