5 questions to Boris Pelcer (Illustrator/Designer)

As an artist/designer, are you inspired by other art forms? If so which ones?

Music is definitely my big inspiration, especially soulful house music. I love to look at anything that pushes the visual and conceptual boundaries of what is accepted or has been done, which includes photography, illustration, architecture and largely graphic design.

Boris Pelcer

Boris Pelcer

Do you use a computer for your work? When did you start?

I do use computer for my work and its usually there to quicken my process. I started using computer for art when I was 7, and of course that was for fun. I loved using Paint to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. However, I really got into into Photoshop in the junior year of high school.

Do you still use paper? What for?

I start all of my ideas on paper. The gestures I can capture with the use of paper and pencil is nothing that I can capture on computer even with the use of my tablet.
Boris Pelcer

Does working on a computer affect the way you create?

The results are much cleaner and it does not allow for the same gestural results as with the hand done drawings. Hence, that is why I start out everything on paper, and computer is there to clean it up for the final version.

Are you concerned with a possible loss of craftsmanship because of technology?

A lot of people may get absorbed by the technology use and forget the value of hand done art work. However I am certain many like myself will still continue to do everything by hand first and use technology as a tool to finalize a product into a digital format. In doing such I can capture the hand crafted look and use the power of technology to do it quickly, and with the power of Internet I communicate with my clients faster and market my work just as effectively. In addition those that continue to value and apply hand crafted art will certainly stand out.

Born in 1985 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, I moved to U.S.A. in 1998 in search of better life. I recieved my B.F.A. in Illustration from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Since I have worked as a freelance Designer/Illustrator, and full time Apparel Graphic Designer where I had the opportunity to work with great clients such as Urban Outfitters, Spencer’s, Zumiez, Hot Topic, Harley Davidson, Miller Brewing Co., Target & Kohl’s. I have also been awarded by SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS and had work published in publications such as CMYK. Currently I am working on my MFA in Graphic Design and using that opportunity to push the boundries between Graphic Design, Typography & Illustration and merge the different disciplines closer together for innovative methods of visual expression. http://www.borispelcer.com