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Subculture’s Grand Opening: Already Established

SubCulture-logoEven though a lot of things happen in New York, it is not every day that a major venue opens its doors. On Monday, September 16, SubCulture, located in the downstairs space at 45 Bleecker Street, celebrated its official Grand Opening.

Marc and Steven Kaplan, founders of Kaplan Music and Entertainment and owners of SubCulture, curated an evening of performances that reflected how eclectic SubCulture’s programming will be:

Like most people’s, our tastes span a diverse range of styles and interests, and our programming ideology reflects that diversity through a wide array of genres and mediums. We want this to be the kind of place where people find exactly what they love one night, and are completely taken by surprise in the best possible way the next night.”
– Marc and Steven Kaplan

Fred Hersch, ACJW of Carnegie Hall, NY Polyphony, Gregg Kallor, Jo Lawry, Laila Biali, and many more offered remarkable performances in front of an enthusiastic audience.

The parallel that one would be drawn to make between SubCulture and (le) Poisson Rouge, the other underground new music venue on Bleecker Street, cannot go much further than the location. They are both on Bleecker. Period. SubCulture has a very distinct vibe and offers a different listening experience. Where (le) Poisson Rouge can comfortably accommodate diners and drinkers, SubCulture looks a lot more like a very welcoming black box with a large bar. The acoustics/sound engineering were (and, one can assume, will be) excellent and besides a few dead spots due to the massive structural columns, the stage could be enjoyed from anywhere.

For a newcomer, SubCulture already projects standards of excellence of a major NYC venue. Welcome to SubCulture. We are looking forward to seeing it become a part of New York City’s cultural life.

SubCulture’s Piano Fest started on September 16 and will continue until October 1. For more info, visit:

Exterior of 45 Bleecker Street

Exterior of 45 Bleecker Street