Issue 5 Capture

Issue 5 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out!

We are really happy to announce that we pushed Issue 5 to all our subscribers’ apps earlier this afternoon! Featuring exclusive interviews, reviews, articles, and a video, Issue 5 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is available in the Apple Newsstand as a free app (subscription is US $2.99 after a 7-day free trial). It looks great on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Issue 5 Capture

Our cover story: Jeffrey Zeigler, former cellist of Kronos Quartet. Photography: Axel Dupeux for I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine.


And what’s in it?

Great question. Thanks for asking…

  • Epic Crime Story, by Thomas Deneuville
  • Nicholas Phillips: American Vernacular on New Focus Recordings, by R. Andrew Lee
  • Imperfect yet important, by Daniel J. Kushner
  • Parisians in America, by Matt Mendez
  • Jeffrey Zeigler: Life After Kronos, by Thomas Deneuville
  • Big Robot: Pushing Boundaries In Multimedia Performance, by Dana Wen
  • Sounding the Gallery, by Matt Mendez
  • Ecstatic Music Festival at the Age of Four, by Daniel J. Kushner
  • The Heart of the Score, by Daniel Garrick
  • Monthly Music Hackathon, video by Thomas Deneuville
  • Akropolis Reed Quintet, by Thomas Deneuville
  • New Releases, by Sam Reising

Remember that your free 7-day trial will give you access to all back issues so it’s a great way to catch up on what we’ve been doing since June 2013.

But I don’t have an iOS device!

I know, I know… As I have said many times, the magazine was never intended to be Apple specific. I cannot say too much at the time but I am happy to report that a cross platform solution will be up and running soon, followed by apps for other operating systems. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified!

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