The Fall 2015 Mixtape is out!

Today, we’re releasing the Fall 2015 Mixtape publicly.

Of course, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ve already received it…

Again, some excellent music was submitted—thanks, all—and some excellent music was selected.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Friction Quartet (John Adams), String Quartet: II. (8:15)

2. Giovanni Bertoni (Joo Won Park), Armor+2 (6:29)

3. Daniel Fortin, So As To (4:27)

4. Clee McCracken, 5 Times Too Many (1:45)

5. adult mom, Be Your Own 3am (2:10)

6. Michael Harren, Gone (4:17)

7. Michel Banabila, Oene van Geel, Vleugels (8:25)

8. Scott Worthington, Quintet (after Feldman) – version 2 (3:02)

9. Frances White, Overture to ‘She Lost Her Voice That’s How We Knew’ (4:28)

10. John C.L. Jansen, Quantum Lilypads (8:52)

11. Tom Swafford’s String Power, Ballad (4:28)

12. SUN SPEAK, Solar Beast (5:32)

Download it now or visit the Fall 2015 Mixtape page to learn more about the artists: