The Spring 2016 Mixtape is out!

In 1844, there was no December 31 in the Philippines. They went from December 30, 1844 to January 1, 1845. Crazy, right?

Well, in 2016 there was no Winter mixtape. I was releasing them with increasing delays and I decided to skip one to get back on track.

The good news is that the Spring 2016 Mixtape is out and you can download it here:



Track listing

1. Goodbye The Band, That Corporate Park Was a Beautiful Human Beehive (5:06)

2. Monica Pearce, chain maille (8:12)

3. Andy Bliss (Nick Zammuto), Green Yellow Green Red (6:37)

4. Martha Mooke, Two Windows (5:35)

5. Spektral Quartet, The Ancestral Mousetrap (2014) IV. Bringing a Dead Man Back Into Life (4:17)

6. Philip Thompson/IonSound Project, Separate Self Mvt. I (5:02)

7. Nick Zoulek, Symmetry: In Memories (5:28)

8. Kirk Pearson/BIT, A Spark Glows (1:33)

9. Nadia Shpachenko/Genevieve Feiwen Lee (Tom Flaherty), Airdancing (8:27)

10. Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián, …quizás se electrocutó (3:36)

11. George Hurd/Hurd Ensemble, Four Went Down (6:00)

12. Masatora Goya (Carlos Boltes), Distance (7:38)

13. Evan Williams/Hocta Quartet, Quartet for Saxophones, II. (2:31)

For more info including links and social profiles of the artist, visit the mixtape page.