The Summer 2016 Mixtape is Out!

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If you’re not a subcriber yet (do it) here’s the track listing for the latest I CARE IF YOU LISTEN mixtape:

1. The Dirty Snacks Ensemble (Mark Clifford), Peepee (3:05)

2. Jim Perkins, Kyrie (3:45)

3. Patrick Castillo, The Quality of Mercy: VII. as the gentle rain (II) (3:49)

4. Kerry Muzzey, The Architect (5:34)

5. Splinter Reeds (Marc Mellits), Sugar Maple (Splinter, movement II) (1:46)

6. The Living Earth Show (Joseph M. Colombo), …as the days echo away (2:58)

7. Lovely Socialite, Humus (6:54)

8. Sirius Quartet (Jeremy Harman), Paths Become Lines (6:22)

9. Celestial Metamorphosis (Ted King-Smith), Airplane Etude (3:53)

10. Amy O’Dell (Olivia Kieffer), Nobility of Homophones (4:42)

11. Lauren Pierce and Caleb Polashek (Edgar Meyer), Concert Duo for violin and double bass (7:41)

12. Ludovico Ensemble (Mischa Salkind-Pearl), I Might Be Wrong: VI. Square (1:31)

13. Happy Valley Band (Andrew Smith), It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (3:24)

For more info, visit the Summer 2016 Mixtape page, or hit the big button below to download it (it was already downloaded 11356 times)!