Submit a Track for the Fall 2016 Mixtape!

All the pumpkin-flavored things are now in store. It can only mean one thing: It’s time for you to submit a track for the Fall 2016 Mixtape!

But before I share with you the link to the submission form, I need to introduce a new aspect of our seasonal mixtapes.

Stream only and on Spotify

Starting with the Fall 2016 Mixtape, we will not be offering file downloads anymore.

We are now accepting Spotify track URLs and the mixtapes will be published as curated playlists.

The process of collecting, selecting, and preparing tracks for a mixtape was getting too involved. We would rather spend this time curating playlists (see below).

Don’t worry, we won’t have a playlist called “Stockhausen Power Workout.” Or maybe we will… who knows?

Alright. Time to submit a track!

Submit a track

Have your Spotify track URL handy—you’ll need it.



We will close the form on October 1, at 12 midnight EDT.

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And enjoy playlists like this one for the August 2016 New Music Releases: