ListN Up: Rohan Chander a.k.a. AIYAAR (March 19, 2021)

ListN Up is a series of weekly artist-curated playlists. Born from a desire to keep artists sharing and connected during times of isolation, ListN Up offers an intimate sonic portrait of contemporary artists by showcasing the diverse and stylistically varied music that influences their creative practice. 

Rohan Chander a.k.a AIYAAR is a musician based primarily in New York City. His work concerns intersections of the hyper personal and post digital and often calls into question identity, sociality, and cultural practice. He primarily works in electronic mediums with particular emphasis on decoupling mechanics of performance and sound production as well as the role of producer in music making.

Hi! My name is Rohan Chander a.k.a AIYAAR, I’m a composer and musician primarily working with electronics and I’m really excited to be curating a playlist for ListN Up! The playlist that you’re about to hear exemplifies a lot of what I want to be as an artist, but I think also spotlights artists that I believe are exploring sound through both ontological and cultural perspectives. These artists range from rappers to producers to people in the more experimental art canon, and I think all these artists collectively are exploring either their identity in the post digital sense, but also the nature of listening and the nature of how we internalize music today. I highly encourage all of you to check out these artists on your own– they all have an impressive discography. I hope you enjoy my playlist! Thank you so much.

“Jesus Forgive Me, I’m a Thot” by JPEGMAFIA

JPEGMAFIA is one of the, if not the most influential artist on me. His work is both visceral and personal while simultaneously maintaining this “I don’t give a shit, screw you” attitude. It creates this feeling of deep craft but also organic on-the-flyness that I associate with heavy improvisers and brilliant producers. And he’s got great takes.

Somnus (Final Fantasy XV Menu Theme) by Yoko Shimomura

This track is more about me than anything else– I love videogames. And I love videogame music. This track makes me cry.


Swan Meat is a super cool producer–her music embodies an experience of a post-arcade world, with material darting in and out of boss battle and soundfont orchestral music. It’s beautiful, fascinating, and makes me wanna go buckwild on the dance floor.

As of Not (Part 2) by Jerome Cooper and Kresten Osgood

I’m late to Jerome Cooper (rest in peace), but his work is incredible. I remember when I first came across this piece and was immediately floored–so much of what I was looking for in music was here!

“pebbles” by Galen Tipton and Koesaeme

Galen Tipton’s work ranges from super intense hyperpop under the alias recovery girl to solo projects consisting of irony-tinged relatives. This short piece is a collaboration with Koesaeme, an artist whom I’ve also really admired. They both repurpose cultural detritus in superficially goofy ways, but also in a kind of pseudo commentary on commercialized or everyday material. Go check out their work on Orange Milk Records!

the children of fire come looking for fire by Eric Wubbels, performed by Josh Modney

Eric’s work has been another really big influence on me. Monolithic forms with intricately composed specific data all performed exceptionally well by Josh Modney on violin and Eric on piano. One of my all time favorites.

“Side A” from MANLY MAN by JESSOP&CO.

Hailing from India, this experimental electronic project speaks volumes to me. The references in the artwork and music are all bits from my Bollywood filled childhood, but beautifully recontextualized and exposed. You may not all love this as much as me, but I sure hope you do.


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