Video Premiere: GM Sidestick by Lady Circon

As a band, Lady Circon’s influences are wide-ranging and complex, drawing inspiration from electronic music innovator Wendy Carlos, experimental music visionary George Lewis, the General MIDI Level 1 sound set, bebop, and funk. Comprised of Erik DeLuca on a custom-made sampler, Leland Baker on sax, and Sean Lynch on drums, their eclectic vibe produces improvisations that are rooted in process and untethered by genre constraints.

Their debut album of live improvisations was recorded in December 2021 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island’s Machines with Magnets, a space dedicated to experimental music performances, sound and art exhibitions and installations, performance art, and film and video screenings. According to DeLuca, the album’s lead single, “GM Sidestick,” captures the spirit of the band. “The three of us have our unique set of inspirations, and they come together to make this imaginative, relational, exploratory music,” he says. Behind their improvisations is the guiding question: “How can our individuality become voiced through relational acts of sounding and listening?”

“GM Sidestick” is one of 15 tracks on Live at Machines with Magnets, recorded and mixed by Seth Manchester and mastered by Taylor Deupree. The wonderfully glitchy and geometric video for the track was animated by Jazer Giles.

Live at Machines with Magnets is out March 17 on the Reykjavík-based label, Why not? Plötuútgáfa!, and you can pre-order the album now on Bandcamp.

About Lady Circon

Lady Circon (Providence, RI) makes music that is processually, relationally and asymmetrically produced. We are inspired by the circular breadth of Wendy Carlos’ compositions; the complexity of George Lewis’ improvisations; and also the GM 1 Sound Set, bebop, and funk. Erik DeLuca plays a custom made sampler (and also led the project), Leland Baker plays sax, and Sean Lynch plays drums. Their debut album (Live at Machines with Magnets) was recorded live on December 16, 2021 by Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets. Seth also mixed the record. Taylor Deupree (of 12k Mastering) mastered the record. The record will be released in full on March 17 via Why not? Plötuútgáfa! (an experimental music label and venue based in Reykjavík Iceland).


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