Hanging out with Florent Ghys | Hang #5

Fifth installment in our Hang video series: Florent Ghys.

Florent Ghys is a composer and upright bass player from Bordeaux, France. He studied ethno-musicology with a focus on Arabic contemporary music in Université de Bordeaux 3, and classical contrabass in Paris with Thierry Barbé. He is currently a graduate student at New York University, studying composition with Julia Wolfe.

WNYC’s John Schaefer recently said about Florent Ghys that he “creates a kind of post-minimalist chamber music using unusual phasing and overdubbing.”  Florent received us in his Bed-Stuy apartment in Brooklyn and performed Nappe Brodée.

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Hanging out with Florent Ghys | Hang #5

Florent’s new ensemble Bonjour is having its debut concert on May 26, as part of Kathleen Supove’s Music with a View at the Flea Theater in Tribeca. And it’s free. And you should go.

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Video + Editing + Translation: Thomas Deneuville
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