Track Premiere: Two Works from Elizabeth A. Baker’s Quadrivium

Today, we have a double track premiere from Quadrivium, the upcoming debut album from new renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker on Aerocade Music.

Quadrivium is a double disc-sized digital release of minimalist solo piano compositions, avant garde prepared piano improvisations, meditative new-age tracks, spoken word, and electronics. Our double track premiere includes “Four Explosions Expanding from the Center” for piano, and “Identity Definitions,” a spoken word track.

Here’s what Elizabeth had to say about the album:

After some thought, I have come up with an album name Quadrivium. I am drawn to this name because I’ve been very fascinated with the actual Quadrivium for several years and a copy of it is always on my studio desk. It also ties into my concept of what a new renaissance artist is because it covers arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy… all subjects that are of interest to me in my creative practice.

Quadrivium drops on May 18th, and you can pre-order it via BandcampThe Bandcamp release of the album comes with a companion zine full of poetry and artwork by Elizabeth.

About Elizabeth A. Baker

Celebrated for her “terrifying dynamic range,” cleanliness of sound, as well as unique sensitivity and ability to sculpt her performance for the acoustics of a space, Elizabeth A. Baker is a dramatic performer with an honest, near psychic connection to music, which resounds with audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds. As a creator, her understanding of sonic space from organic intuition and studies in music production, pair with a unique eclectic voice, making for a spatial and auditory experience of music. Eschewing the collection of traditional titles that describe single elements of her body of work, Elizabeth refers to herself as a “New Renaissance Artist” that embraces a constant stream of change and rebirth in practice, which expands into a variety of media, chiefly an exploration of how sonic and spatial worlds can be manipulated to personify a variety of philosophies and principles both tangible as well as intangible.

Elizabeth has received considerable recognition from press as well as scholars,  for her innovative conceptual compositions and commitment to inclusive programming. In addition to studies of her work, Elizabeth has been awarded several fellowships, grants, and residencies to further her artistic endeavours. An active advocate for the arts she founded The New Music Conflagration, Inc., a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to furthering the work of contemporary musicians and composers; in addition in 2016 she established the Florida International Toy Piano Festival, to create a platform for serious toy piano concert works.As a solo artist, Elizabeth represented by Aerocade Music, her first solo album on the LA-based label Quadrivium releases worldwide in May 2018. She is the author of the world’s first comprehensive toy piano method book as well as a mixed media book about the experiences of being a young artist in the modern world. Elizabeth is an official Schoenhut Toy Piano Artist, and endorsed by Source Audio LLC due to her extensive work with interactive electronics that mold movement works into sonic compositions.