Your wall on your coffee table

If you love books, you might be concerned (or not—discuss…) about their future. Some people say that we are living in an age called the End of Print. In August 2010, Nicholas Negroponte (founder and Chairman Emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab) even predicted the death of the physical book in 2015

In this context, I was surprised to read that a new service called Yearly Leaf offers to print a year of your Facebook wall, updates, pictures, etc. for a reasonable (? I couldn’t find it anywhere…) price. The books are bound in Moleskine cover.

I can already see slick pictures of coffee tables on Ffffound! exhibiting a pile of Facebook years: 2009, 2010, 2011… I am quite surprised by this new product since I really didn’t expect a new print product to emerge from Social Media.

I was already puzzled by Tweet Rings, a service that offer to print your favorite tweet on a ring, but this move back to paper is really unprecedented in Social Media (have you heard of anything similar?). Can one expect more services of this kind? Maybe for Tumblr? Or maybe to turn one’s blog into a book? Wait, that has already been done too… Well, what else have I missed?!

Would you buy one? Have you put enough personal information on Facebook to turn your printed wall into a piece of memorabilia? Is this a new way of scrapbooking?

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