New music video series: Hanging out with Janus Trio

I am really excited to announce a new feature on this blog: a video series. Inspired by the amazing French blog/webzine La Blogothèque, I’ve decided to start hanging out with new music peeps and bring my Nikon along. We will talk about music, New York City, cats, #OWS, etc. and always record a live performance.
The first hang out took place on Dec. 1st at the Masters and Pelavin Gallery where Janus Trio was performing part of a concert series curated by Ron Tucker. Great people, great place, great music by Cameron Britt (at 5:08), and everything in full HD 1080p.

Hanging Out with Janus Trio | Hang #1

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Thomas Deneuville, the founder and editor of I Care if You Listen, is a French-born composer living in NY. Follow him on Twitter: @tonalfreak