Ear Heart Music at Roulette: Featurette #1 Yarn|Wire

Ear Heart Music 2012 Featurette #1 | Yarn|Wire

Yarn|Wire is a quartet of two percussionists and two pianists founded in 2005. Yarn|Wire is admired for the energy and precision they bring to performances of today’s most adventurous music. The results of their collaborative initiatives with genre-bending artists such as Two-Headed Calf, Pete Swanson, and Tristan Perich point towards the emergence of a new and lasting repertoire that is “spare and strange and very, very new.” (Time Out NY)

Yarn|Wire is Ian Antonio, Laura Barger, Ning Yu, and Russell Greenberg.

Yarn|Wire will be part of Ear Heart Music’s first season at Roulette. Indeed, the three year old series founded and curated by Amelia Lukas is now approaching its first major milestone with a relocation to the seminal venue Roulette for the 2012-13 season. This thrilling upgrade is promising on both the small and large scale, expanding the scope of possibility for chamber music in Brooklyn. Collaborative multidisciplinary productions make up the bulk of the series. Echoing the emergence of intimate operatic productions as a mainstay in our scene, Ear Heart Music will present two world premieres of chamber opera this year.

More info: http://www.yarnwire.org

and: http://www.earheartmusic.org

..:: Don’t miss Eart Heart Music’s Opening Party at Roulette ::..
Ear Heart Music meets Artisanal Brooklyn!
September 26 at 8 pm

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Video + Editing: Thomas Deneuville
Opening animation: Daniel Thompson at DTWebart (http://www.dtwebart.com)