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Exclusive Listen: Andrew McKenna Lee’s The Knells on New Amsterdam Records

New Amsterdam RecordsThe self-titled debut from The Knells (Andrew McKenna Lee, Mivos String Quartet, and more) is scheduled to come out on November 19 on New Amsterdam Records, but you will hear it here first.

The Knells is the name of both Andrew McKenna Lee’s hour-long song cycle as well as the hybrid ensemble Lee assembled to perform the project, featuring vocalists Nina Berman, Amanda Gregory, and Katya Powder; dual electric guitars (Andrew McKenna Lee, Paul Orbell); drums (Michael McCurdy); mallet percussion (Jude Traxler); electric bass (Joseph Higgins); and the critically lauded Mivos String Quartet (have you read our profile of Mivos in Issue 3 of our Magazine?).


A lot could be said about Andrew McKenna Lee’s The Knells (a “classical concept album”?) and its stylistic range (a critically acclaimed classical guitarist, Lee also performed alongside legends Billy Idol and former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones) but now is not the time. Enjoy the album, courtesy of New Amsterdam Records:

The Preview has ended. The album is now out on New Amsterdam Records!

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Stay tuned for a joint album release performance with itsnotyouitsme this December in New York City