The Mindset of Success: Four Pillars for Today’s Music Entrepreneurs Part 1

2. Positivity: I can do this!

Another aspect of this mindset is positivity, the feeling of optimism that no matter what, you know that you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Positivity stems from trusting your unique and authentic voice and vision. The mindset of positivity means that you inspire yourself from this place of inner trust, which enables you to radiate confidence and generate the kind of positive energy that attracts other people to your cause. We can feel the difference in the energy that is generated from those who have this deep-seated optimism. While some musicians complain that opportunities for artists are disappearing, music entrepreneurs like our four panelists feel that we are living in a world of new possibilities and it is highly energizing to be around them, as opposed to being surrounded by those who see the gloom and doom scenario.

For starters, all four musicians emphasized the importance of being yourself and offering your authentic vision.

Missy is committed to writing virtuosic music for today’s audiences.

Missy Mazzoli - Photo Stephen Taylor

Missy Mazzoli – Photo Stephen Taylor

For Owen, the vision of the DeCoda is a dedication to excellence both in performance and in outreach.

Mellissa and James embody versatility. Mellissa performs early music and contemporary music in a variety of styles, while James is committed to high-quality performance that transcends the divide between classical and rock-infused music. Owen also stressed the importance of being yourself and not trying to fit into the prescribed norms of music making.

Moreover, all four of our panelists felt that that today’s audiences want to experience something special and that live music continues to be important. They emphasized their commitment to writing and performing high-quality music, whether in a classical or a rock setting and no matter who is in the audience, and trusting their audiences to go along with their vision.

Next time, we will examine the last two pillars of the mindset of success:

Possibility: I see the opportunities and I will build my own success.

Perseverance: I will work hard and do whatever it takes to make things happen.

Until then, I invite you to consider your own level of passion and positivity and what you might learn from these music entrepreneurs!