Video Premiere: Deciduous by Andy Akiho

We’re excited to premiere a new video of Terry Sweeney (of Sandbox Percussion) and Jen Liu performing Andy Akiho’s violin/steel pan piece Deciduous. The piece was written for violinist Kristin Lee, as a part of her new music commissioning project “Double Helix.”

The video came out of an encounter and an opportunity. “We met at the Yellow Barn Chamber Music Festival,” says Sweeney. “As a violinist and percussionist, our family of repertoire was limited.” The personal relationship with Akiho also helped: “Andy is a close friend of both of ours,” says Sweeney, “so being able to talk and hang out with the composer gave us an inspired and direct look into his world, not only in terms of his composition process but his way of expressing and living life.”

Then came the discovery. “Over the course of our rehearsals Deciduous revealed itself to us and captured our spirits,” says Liu, a Kovner Fellow at Juilliard. “Its verve and tenacity brought our parts closer which allowed us to bring out new colors that percussion and violin don’t normally produce.”

Deciduous by Andy Akiho

"Deciduous" - Jennifer Liu and Terry Sweeney by Andy Akiho

Video by Evan Chapman & Kevin Eikenberg, with audio by Evan Chapman.

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