Track Premiere: Ornithology by Meaghan Burke

Today, we are excited to premiere Ornithology, a track from cello songstress Meaghan Burke‘s second album Creature Comforts.

Burke has been described as a “polystylistic, tragicomic musical funhouse, where deranged Tom Waits-ish waltzes devolve into Mozartian string quartet passages, where contrabass clarinet drones explode into honkytonk guitars (with just a hint of sousaphone).”

Here’s what she had to say about this track:

“We are all united in the sweet self-delusion of our uniqueness, and so often find our deepest connections in discovering that others share our most secret, strange-seeming thoughts and feelings. But after all this philosophizing…it’s really just a fun, silly song where I get to make weird noises with my friends and yell out the names of birds and trees. And if you feel compelled to sing along, please do.”

The album release show for Creature Comforts will take place this Thursday, May 11 at 9:30pm at Joe’s Pub.

Want more? Purchase the full album via Bandcamp.