ListN Up: Meerenai Shim (July 3, 2020)

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Meerenai Shim is a flutist, producer, composer, record label owner, and a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(CM) based in Silicon Valley. In addition to her solo projects, she performs with A/B Duo and Areon Flutes.

Hello! My playlist consists mostly of flute works written by flutists. I’m always so inspired by the creativity of my fellow flutists and I’m happy to share these compositions and performers with you. As a first generation musician who didn’t know what or who Brahms was until high school, my early musical influences were from flute music and flutists, as well as the Yanni “Live from the Acropolis” CD that I probably listened to more than a thousand times. I hope you enjoy listening!

Fanmi Imèn by Valerie Coleman, performed by Valerie Coleman and Cameron Hofmann

I first knew of Valerie Coleman as the founding flutist of the trailblazing wind quintet, Imani Winds. Now I know her as a serious composer who is still an amazing flutist. What an inspiring piece and performance! 

Ruminations, II. “Golden Hour” by Alice Jones, performed by Alice Jones, Anneke Schaul-Yoder, and Derin Öge

I knew Alice Jones was an accomplished performer, but I had no idea that she was a composer, as well. I can’t wait to program this piece when we can return to performing again.

Arboreous Incantations by Jane Rigler, performed by Areon Flutes

Jane Rigler has her own unique flute and piccolo playing vocabulary. It was a great adventure and rewarding experience to learn her techniques and perform this piece for three piccolos.

Suite for Flute Beatbox, Movement 1: “Pursuit” by Azeem Ward

You may remember Azeem from the Jimmy Kimmel show when he was featured for his senior flute recital at University of California, Santa Barbara that went viral in 2015. Azeem continues to be a talented performer, composer, and teacher who is thriving as a beatboxing flutist and producer. 

Fire Season, 1. Devilish by Sakari Dixon Vanderveer, performed by Salastina Music Society 

In California, we have fire season and earthquake season, in addition to the more common ones. Fire Season depicts three scenes from autumn in Southern California inspired by poetry from California poets Thea Gavin, Benjamin Gucciardi, and Donna Emerson. Fire Season was commissioned by the Salastina Music Society and beautifully scored for solo violin, string quartet, double bass, lute, and harpsichord.

Ricochet by Ned McGowan, performed by A/B Duo

Ned McGowan is one of the few contrabass flute experts in the world and inspired me to take up this instrument. I feel lucky that A/B Duo was able to commission this piece from him. (Keep an ear out for the flexatone solo!)

Orange Dawn by Ian Clarke, performed by Tia Roper and Mitchell Vines

My love for this piece probably reflects my appreciation for Yanni. It was inspired by a sunrise scene in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.

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