ListN Up: Joy Guidry (February 26, 2021)

ListN Up is a series of weekly artist-curated playlists. Born from a desire to keep artists sharing and connected during times of isolation, ListN Up offers an intimate sonic portrait of contemporary artists by showcasing the diverse and stylistically varied music that influences their creative practice. 

Radical self-love, compassion, laughter and the drive to promote and amplify Black art-makers and noise-makers are at the core of Joy Guidry’s work. The New York City-based bassoonist, composer, and activist excels in many spheres, with performances hailed by the San Diego Tribune as “lyrical and haunting… hair-raising and unsettling…” Joy is not only a versatile and acclaimed bassoonist, but they are also an improviser and composer of experimental and daring new works that proclaim Joy’s love of storytelling. In all aspects of their work, Joy is supporting, hiring and promoting Black artists within their practice. In honoring their ancestors and those who came before him Joy’s compositions channel their inner child.

Hi, I’m Joy Guidry, and I’m a bassoonist and composer. The playlist that I curated is a list of music that brings me a lot of warm hugs, motivates me to have late night dance parties, accompanies me on the nights where I need Prosecco, and most importantly music that gives me a lot of validation and a sense of calm, especially during everything right now. Also, music that just gives me major Bad Bitch energy. So I hope you can relate to this music and one of those energies–or all of them–and many blessing to each of y’all. Cheers!

“Bury me” by duendita

This track by duendita is one of the most comforting pieces of music I’ve heard in my twenties. The thought of past love can be painful, but she captured that feeling of missing someone in a way I’ve never heard or felt before.

“Girl Like Me” by Jazmine Sullivan (feat. H.E.R.)

Heaux Tales gives me the energy I’ve been hungry for during my mid-twenties. It’s an album that is so validating, honest, so god damn raw.

“FREAK” by Shygirl

This is my go-to song when I’m wine drunk in an Uber or in my room at 1:30 am.

“Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo

This man has a voice that reminds me of your third glass of prosecco when everything around you fills you with warmth and relaxation.

Delirious Delicacies by Nick Dunston

The way Nick can write something so chaotic but also very much calming will always amaze me.

“Time Waits for No Man” by Lisa E. Harris

This song by Lisa is something that always reminds me to live the life that I want. If that means staying in bed all day resting or going to by a Gucci tote, this song makes both of those choices feel valid.

“Jewelry” by Blood Orange

When I left NYC at the beginning of Corona to be with my family in Texas, I felt the loss of my community in my bones. This album reminded me how important it is to surround myself with people who validate my gender, body, and art. It reminds us that the title “family” doesn’t just go to the people that share the same DNA as you.

“May I” by Flo Milli

This is the song I blast in my room when I need to remind myself that I am truly a bad bitch. Highly recommend listening to this with tequila shots and friends that like to dive into some good chaotic energy.

“Nocturne” by Ana Roxanne

When I’m having an episode and my anxiety has taken over me, this song gets me to a place of comfort and safety. My friend sent it to me in 2019, and I have probably listened to this track about 50,000 times since then, haha.

Space Travels From Home Episode 8 by Jessie Cox

The brain of The Jessie Cox needs to be remembered for all of eternity.

“are you gonna make it this time” by Rose Stoller

Rose has a voice that Needs to be heard by every single person that walks this earth. Her voice is grounding, heavy, but also so light at the same time. Her artistry and vocal expression just makes me stop and feel the atoms around me.


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