COVID-19 Emergency Funding and Artist Resources

Updated August 21, 2020

With the increased spread of COVID-19 in the United States, it has been an extremely challenging and unprecedented week for our creative community. We recognize that many people are feeling anxious and uncertain about the immediate future in the wake of massive event cancellations and the resulting loss of freelance income.

To help address these concerns, we are pressing pause on our “This Week: Concerts in NY” weekly event listing, and instead, we are compiling a round-up of as many emergency funding sources and additional resources for artists as we can find. We will continue to add to this listing as more resources become known and available. 

You can help us expand this listing by emailing any coronavirus-related artist resources we might have missed to [email protected].

Emergency Funding

American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) Relief Fund

The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) Relief Fund provides support and temporary financial assistance to members who are in need. AGMA contracts with The Actors Fund to administer this program nationally as well as to provide comprehensive social services.

Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund

Arts Administrators of Color Network has set up the Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund, which folks can donate directly to in support of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists AND administrators (consultants, facilitators, box office staff, seasonal/temporary employees, etc.) who have been financially impacted due to COVID-19.

Artist Relief

Artist Relief will distribute $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19; serve as an ongoing informational resource; and co-launch the COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers, designed by Americans for the Arts, to better identify and address the needs of artists.

Artist Relief Tree

This fund is intended to help those pursuing careers as artists (of any type). If you fit this description and your income has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis – and you are in need of short-term, immediate financial assistance – Artist Relief Tree would like to help. They will disburse funds in the amount of $250 per person, on a first-come-first-served basis. They will also be accepting donations indefinitely.

Update (as of 3/19/20): Due to receiving over 3500 requests for funds, at the moment new requests are not being accepted until we can secure more funding. If you would like to be informed if and when the opportunity becomes available again, please click here to join the waitlist.

Boston Artist Relief Fund

The Boston Artist Relief Fund will award grants of $500 and $1000 to individual artists who live in Boston whose creative practices and incomes are being adversely impacted by COVID-19.

Boston Singers’ Relief Fund

BSRF is offering emergency relief for classical singers with gigs canceled due to COVID-19.


In light of the anticipated volume of requests for assistance, for the time-being, CERF+’s emergency relief grants related to COVID-19 will focus on those infected with the virus that require intensive medical care.

Chicago Musicians Emergency Relief Fund

This fund is being established to create some form of financial relief for members in good standing of the Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208.  Specifically, the fund will supply financial relief to those members affected by the loss of work and wages as of 03/12/20 – 05/17/20 due to the global pandemic.

COVID-19 Financial Solidarity

If your livelihood is being impacted by the Coronavirus crisis and you need support, post requests here.

EMA Relief Fund: Supporting Early Musicians in Need

Early musicians will receive, on a first-come-first-served basis, a check for $250.

Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund

Provides monetary support to musicians who have lost income due to a canceled gig as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants

Emergency Grants provide urgent funding for visual and performing artists who have sudden, unanticipated opportunities to present their work to the public when there is insufficient time to seek other sources of funding; or incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates.

Fulcrum Fund

Awarding $60,000 in emergency relief grants by providing $1,000 to 60 local Albuquerque artists who have lost income as a result of cancellations due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

GoFundMe: Columbus Artists Relief Fund COVID-19/Coronavirus

Raising money to help offset the financial impact felt by Columbus artists through lost work.

GoFundMe: Denver Metro Area Artist COVID-19 Relief Fund

This fund is aimed at helping those in the greater Denver arts community who have been financially impacted by cancellations due to COVID-19.

GoFundMe: Funds to Support Performers Affected by Covid-19

This fundraiser aims to provide funds for performers in Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey who will not be able to make ends meet without these opportunities.

Update (as of 3/16/20): This fund will be combining with Equal Sound to maximize efforts nationwide and increase donation reach, with the added benefit of legitimacy and transparency.


GLFCAM has contributed a starting pledge of $15,000 to this GoFundMe campaign, and 65 GLFCAM composers are donating their time to create solo works of 1-3 minutes each. These new pieces of music will be given to performers who have lost employment because of COVID-19 and are in financial straits. Each performer will be invited to meet with their paired composer through Skype to collaborate remotely in developing the new work for its eventual premiere online for a physically-distanced audience. A calendar of performances will begin in April and continue through the early summer of 2020.

GoFundMe: New Mexico Musicians Relief Fund Amid COVID-19

Update (3/27/20): To date, 76 artists have applied for a cumulative total of $56,803 in aide and the campaign has received $22,199 in contributions. Due to this disparity of need versus resources, we have reluctantly elected to close the artist application window as of today.

GoFundMe: Queer Writers of Color Relief Fund

This fund is to help at least 100 queer writers of color who have been financially impacted by the current COVID-19. Priority will be given to queer trans women of color and queer disabled writers of color, but I hope this relief fund will help many queer writers of color it can.

GoFundMe: Seattle Artist Relief Fund Amid COVID-19

This fund is aimed at helping those in the greater Seattle arts community who have been financially impacted by cancellations due to COVID-19.

Update (3/27/20): We suspended applications to our fundraiser today, Thursday March 26 at 5pm pacific.
This is hopefully a temporary suspension while we work to secure funding for the applications we have received and those we hope to be able to help in the future.

Grants for artists/musicians who lost gigs because of covid-19

A Google Doc aggregating a number of grants for artists impacted by COVID-19

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Emergency Fund for Artists

As of March 17, we will be temporarily modifying our Emergency Fund for Artists (EFFA) application guidelines to address the current needs of artists in the Greater Pittsburgh area. The Emergency Fund for Artists will now provide up to $500 in assistance to artists experiencing loss of income due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Update (3/29/20): We have received an immense volume of applications to our Emergency Fund for Artists, underscoring the impact of the coronavirus on our artists’ livelihoods. To adequately allow time for our committee to review applications and our staff to disburse funds, we are temporarily placing a hold on all applications to the fund.

Local 802 Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund

The Local 802 Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) administered by the Musicians’ Assistance Program (MAP). A New York State licensed social worker provides confidential social services to members and their families. It is funded by the Musicians’ ERF and administered by the Actors Fund.


Music industry professionals may apply for basic living assistance (rent or mortgage). Initial grant requests can be made up to $1000 to compensate for cancelled work that was scheduled and lost.

Musicians Foundation

Provides financial assistance to musicians and their families in times of need, crisis or transition.

Update (3/22/2020): Dear Musicians – The CV19 Emergency Aid Grant Program Application is temporarily closed to due extremely high volume. The application will hopefully reopen some time this coming week once we are able to process the hundreds of submissions already received. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

NC Artist Relief Fund

This fund has been created to support creative individuals who have been financially impacted by gig cancellations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 100% of donated funds will go directly to artists and arts presenters in North Carolina.

New Music Solidarity Fund

The New Music Solidarity Fund is designed to help new/creative/improvised music freelancers whose livelihood has been threatened as a result of performances that have been canceled during the COVID-19 crisis. The Fund was started by a group of musicians in the new music community who have raised over $130,000 in a week, primarily from fellow musicians, composers, and music professionals. Their hope is that the Solidarity Fund will continue to grow in the coming weeks so that they can assist and bolster more people in need of emergency relief. For now, at least two hundred and sixty, $500 emergency assistance grants will be made available to applicants who meet certain criteria.

New Orleans Business Alliance Relief Fund

Grants up to $1000 for New Orleans-based musicians.

***NEW*** The PATH Fund’s COMMUNITY RELIEF Grant Program

This program will provide financial assistance through individual monthly grants of $100, $250 and $500 to qualifying members of the Arts & Entertainment community. Grants will cover lost income and essential expenses for those who have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent cancellation of hundreds of Broadway Shows, Concerts and Live Events across the country.

PGH Artists Emergency Fund

This fundraiser is hosted by a group of artists and community organizers based in Pittsburgh responding to the urgent need of our friends and community who have been put in compromised positions due to the cancellation of entire tours, all of their gigs, and jobs in the nightlife and events industry.

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

Provides one-time grants of up to $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies. The grants are available to visual and media artists and choreographers who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the United States, District of Columbia, or U.S. Territories.

Springboard for the Arts Personal Emergency Relief Fund

The Personal Emergency Relief Fund helps artists in Minnesota recover from personal emergencies by helping pay an unanticipated, emergency expense. They have expanded the guidelines to include lost income due to the cancellation of a specific, scheduled gig or opportunity (i.e. commissions, performances, contracts) due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. Artists can request up to $500 to compensate for canceled work that was scheduled and lost. At this time the fund is not available to compensate for future gigs or potential loss of business. Springboard for the Arts has committed an additional $10,000 from their budget to support this effort and is committed to working with partners to increase the fund based on demand.

Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund

Sweet Relief has created this donor-directed fund with a limited amount of funds available to be used specifically for musicians and music industry workers affected by the Coronavirus. Funds raised will go towards medical expenses, lodging, clothing, food and other vital living expenses to those impacted due to sickness or loss of work.

The Complete List of Emergency Funds/Grant for Visual Artists


VoxCorona is dedicated to raising money to support Washington, DC area vocalists whose primary source of income comes from contract work, much of which has been canceled as arts organizations shutter operations in the wake of COVID-19. VoxCorona also aims to provide an outlet for musicians by featuring online content, coordinating live stream events, and connecting performers with organizations looking to support vocal arts in this difficult time. VoxCorona has raised over $10,000 to be disbursed to recipients in amounts ranging from $250 to $500, and is 20% of the way to its initial fundraising target of $50,000.

Additional Resources

3Arts Resources

American Composers Forum’s Response to COVID-19

Alliance of Artists Communities Emergency Relief Programs

In the event of an emergency, the Alliance can offer support for artists by connecting them with our diverse network of residency programs across the country. By providing the time, space, and support that residencies offer, artists can focus on their work, reflect, and renew their creative practice during an especially challenging time.

Audio Assemble: PLUGGED IN

A live streaming music festival, employing artists, and providing relief during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Boston-area Artist/Student Relief Survey

This survey aims to find people in the Boston metro area (individuals and households) who are willing to feed, house, and/or offer other support.

Calling for relief & protections for freelance artists/musicians/dancers during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources

This list is specifically designed to serve freelance artists, and those interested in supporting the independent artist community. This includes, but is not limited to, actors, designers, producers, technicians, stage managers, musicians, composers, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, craft artists, teaching artists, dancers, writers & playwrights, photographers, etc.

Financial Resources for Musicians During The Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are part of the gig economy and have suddenly found yourself stranded without a paycheck, here are some potential outlets that can help you with earning income during this time.

I Lost My Gig

Iron Tongue of Midnight: Something You Can Do

Missed Tour

New York Foundation for the Arts List of Emergency Grants

*NEW* The Artist Collective

WomenArts Emergency Funds

WomenArts does not make any emergency cash grants but is providing this list to help you find other organizations where you can apply for funding.

Did we miss any?

Let us know by emailing any COVID-19 artist resources to [email protected].