French Composers’ Names — Gabriel Fauré

This French composer’s name is extremely easy to pronounce for English speakers. Apart from the soft-palate-rolled R endemic to my people (and some Italian people around Torino with a strong erre moscia), this should not be a problem for anybody in the US. Have you guessed it? Gabriel Fauré.

If you can pronounce 4-A, you can then pronounce the name of the composer of the famous Requiem, some beautiful piano quintets, and memorable melodies. So, just in case it still represents an issue for you, here’s the MP3:

Link to MP3: ICIYL – Gabriel Fauré | Get Gabriel Fauré sheet music!

Gabriel Faure’s
“Agnus Dei” from
Requiem in D Minor Op.48
Written between 1887 and 1890

I have to admit that I’m quite fond of his music, even though I still don’t understand, to this day, his comment on Ravel’s string quartet (that Ravel respectfully dedicated to his “cher maître”, dear master): “stunted, badly balanced, in fact a failure.”
Well, I’d love to write this kind of failures every day Gaby. Word.

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