French Composers’ Names – Vincent d’Indy

Born in Paris from an aristocratic family, d’Indy studied with César Franck at the Conservatoire de Paris. He also hung out with Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms in Germany, and is famous for having created the Schola Cantorum de Paris in 1894. Cole Porter, among others, studied orchestration and counterpoint with d’Indy.

Vincent d’Indy was also on the wrong side of the Dreyfus affair

His two-syllable last name is composed of an i nasal (as in vin, pain, plein) resonating right behind one’s nose. The second syllable is just a long dee sound. Here it is:


Link to MP3 — ICIYL – Vincent d’Indy

And as usual, here is a nice HD video of the Berlin Counterpoint chamber ensemble, Sarabande et Minuet.

Vincent d'Indy Sarabande and Minuet - Berlin Counterpoint

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