John Cage, Paris 1981 / Marion Kalter

Say Happy Birthday to John Cage on Instagram

John Cage - Photo by Steven Gunther

John Cage – Photo by Steven Gunther

As you probably know, tomorrow is John Cage’s 102nd birthday and we’ve already announced some of the festivities on Monday (let’s add the Cage weekend organized by the John Cage Trust, Fisher Center, and The Bard College Conservatory of Music). We would like to invite you to celebrate the birth of one of the most iconic figures in the story of American music with pizzazz. Yes, I just said pizzazz.

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Thanks to a partnership with Latergramme, we are now able to accept submissions on Instagram! John Cage’s birthday seemed like the best opportunity to launch this on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN and we will continue to invite people to submit their photos from now on.

How do I submit a photo on Instagram?

It’s really easy. There are basically two things you need to do when you are posting your photo:

  • add a hashtag to your photo: #latergramit
  • mention us: @icareifyoulisten
  • optional: add #Cage102 if you feel like too

That’s it! Note that it won’t work if you add #latergramit and @icareifyoulisten in a comment. It has to be in the initial caption of your photo.

What’s next?

We will review your photos and repost the ones we like, mentioning the submitters. Boom.

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