I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv: 100% new music videos

A YouTube for new music

YouTube is great but I sometimes feel like it’s a huge Chevrolet commercial, or actually owned by Nicki Minaj.

There is some great stuff but it is really buried. And if I try to navigate from video to video, I usually end up watching kittens taking baths.

What if I’d like to watch new music videos. Just new music videos?

User-generated content

As the founder and editor-in-chief of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, I receive a lot of requests to premiere videos (and it’s something we’ve done often), but our space and bandwidth are limited.

As a result, I wanted to offer a new platform to the new music community where people could post album teasers, graduation recitals, Arduino or Raspberry Pi hacks, Kickstarter videos, etc.


Today I’m launching a new site: I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv.

This new responsive website pulls a selection of new music videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and organizes them in categories: Vintage, Concerts and Recitals, Documentaries, etc.

A tagging system also helps visitors find related content by composer, ensemble, duration, etc.

Submit your videos—any new music videos!

Alright. It’s going to sound a bit cheesy, but here it is: This website is for you. I want you guys to go crazy and submit your stuff. All of your stuff.

Note that videos are not hosted on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv, so you will have to host them on YouTube or Vimeo and submit them through our online form (you’ll see, it’s a button at the top right of your screen).

We will hold all videos for review before being published on the site. You will get an email when your video is live, with its URL.

It’s a bit of a work in progress, but with your help, I think that I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv could really be a fun place to watch great videos or promote your new music projects!

Let me know what you think of the site in the comments section below, on Twitter, or directly on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv.

As always, thanks for your support.

-Thomas Deneuville