In the beginning was the word…press.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Thanks for making it easier, Plato! Yes, beginnings are important, challenging, and sometimes confusing. Why am I doing this? Aren’t there enough blogs out there? Haven’t I done this before?

Yes, there are a lot of blogs available, and some incredibly good by great composers (John Adams‘s for instance), but that’s not the point. I maintained a blog in the past (about 100 posts for more than 20 000 views) and realized that if the content is not too self-centered, if people can get something out of it, they will read. And come back.

As a result, I decided to start another blog, centered on music—mine and others’s. I’ve just started working on my Master’s Thesis, a secular cantata, and I will document my progress on these pages. This will probably help me organize my ideas, and put them out there for people to comment on.

So, welcome! and feel free to bookmark this blog, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook (I will let people know about new posts). I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts, articles, music, concert reviews with you, and reading your comments!

Thank you,