Pascal Dusapin © AFP/John MacDougall

French Composers’ Names – Pascal Dusapin

I can’t really tell how famous this week’s composer is in the US. In almost 5 years in New York, I haven’t heard his name uttered once… Dusapin studied with Messiaen and Xenakis, and is one of the most successful living French composers.

A French u and a nasal (-in) could potentially make this name hard to pronounce. If you’ve followed this series, you know by now how to pronounce a French u (check Tristan Murail). The third syllable in Dusapin is pronounced as the French word for bread, pain (yes, just like in the Pain Quotidien).

[audio:] Link to MP3 — Pascal Dusapin

And to wrap up, a video of a very neat piece by Dusapin: À quia, concerto for piano & orchestra

Pascal Dusapin, A Quia {Part 1/4}

The recording can be purchased here: