French Composers’ Names – Philippe Manoury

Another post request from a Google+ friend. This time, I’ve been asked to record the pronunciation for Philippe Manoury’s name.

He is currently on Faculty at UC San Diego and here is an extract from his bio on their website:

Philippe Manoury is one of the world’s leading composers and computer music researchers. He studied composition with Gerard Condé and Max Deutsch (one of Schoenberg’s first students in Vienna), and at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris, with Michel Philippot and Ivo Malec. He studied computer-assisted composition with Pierre Barbaud beginning in 1976.

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On to his name. Nothing fancy going on here: some pure vowel sounds a, ou, and y (really i). Ideally, the r should be flipped with your soft palate.


Link to MP3 — ICIYL – Philippe Manoury
As usual, a video to illustrate his music: His Piano Concerto (2012).