Announcing our partnership with the Huffington Post

As of today, the Huffington Post started reposting selected articles from I Care if You Listen. The first one is an opinion post—and one of our top articles—written by R. Andrew Lee, Performers as Co-Composers.

R. Andrew Lee's opinion post is the first article to be reblogged by the Huffington Post.

This in an important step for I Care if You Listen and I have to thank our readers for their support and loyalty, all the contributors for their amazing work, and all the composers/performers/ensembles/concert halls/performing spaces/PRs and record labels for being so kind and professional.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come.

Thomas Deneuville, the founder and editor of I Care if You Listen, is a French-born composer living in NY. Find him on Twitter: @tonalfreak