Update: Bringing Technology Into the Mix

Dana Wen, Technology Editor.

As you’ve probably noticed from our site tagline, the mission of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN is very broad: we are building an online community centered around three huge areas (new music, art, and technology) and their interactions. So far, we’ve focused on the new music aspect of the blog; we’ve built ICIYL into an online hub for the latest information about new music concerts, events, and album releases in part of the US and Europe.

We are now expanding our coverage into the technology realm, but always from a musical perspective. In addition to our usual posts about new music, we’ll begin exploring the interplay between music and technology. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on a few key areas:

  • technology used to create sound and music. This includes new instruments, software tools, and electronic devices, as well as new methods of utilizing existing technology.
  • technology that helps musicians improve their craft. This includes recording gear, instrument-building techniques, and software apps to help with performance, practice, and teaching.
  • musical works that incorporate new technologies in novel ways. We’ll feature acoustic music, electronic music, and everything in between.
  • My Gear, mini-interviews with composers and musicians about the technology they use, including a full list of equipment.

As the new I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Technology Editor, I’ll be curating technology-related posts for the site. I’d love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have about this new direction for us.

Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

Dana Wen is a Seattle-based pianist and software engineer who writes about music, technology, and everything in between. Follow her on Twitter @wenguin.