@callForScores: A Twitter bot for composers, ensembles, and performers

Call for scores are a nice way to connect composers and ensembles, regardless of the outcome of the selection process. I’ve always found it hard (probably because I didn’t look that hard) to find opportunities. Of course there is the American Composers Forum (join the ACF) and a plethora of other sites, but a lot of musicians connect on Twitter.

On Twitter, conversations are easy to find and follow through hastags (something Twitter users themselves came up with.) If you use a Twitter client like Tweedeck, you can create a column and track the conversations (here #callforscores). Sweet. But what’s better than a hashtag to both spread the word and learn about opportunities? A bot.

Today, I’m happy to launch @CallForScores. Based on the work of Amit Agarwal, @CallForScores is a Twitter bot that will retweet every call for scores in which it is mentioned.

For example, Marina Finkelmeier was the first one to use @callForScores yesterday, to promote “Waking the Monster“:

You can also use @callForScores in the body of your tweet:

Like many things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. The more people follow @CallForScores and share the right things, the more useful it will be.

I hope that you’ll consider following @callForScores and sharing great opportunities!