I CARE IF YOU LISTEN on 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths

At this point, chances are that you’ve played (or seen someone play) 2048, the insanely addictive tile game created by Gabriele Cirulli. If you haven’t, I’m really sorry to have ruined your productivity today… Now what if it were geared towards musicians?

Zach Burnham and Caleb Hugo had the idea of turning it into a music theory game. They modified the open source code to manage pitch tiles instead of numbers and added a twist to the game: The goal is now to go around the circle of fifths as many times as possible and sounds can be heard when enharmonic pitches combine—sweet.

2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths was born and launched originally on Android. From July 14 2014 to August 3 2014, Zach and Caleb ran a Kickstarter to make the iPhone version of 2048 Infinite – The Circle of fifths. We were really proud to be a Top Sponsor and you can now not only download the app, but also select the ICIYL theme that will let you play in I CARE IF YOU LISTEN style.

Give it a try, share your scores in the comments section and don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store—it will really help Zach and Caleb. Happy circling!