Issue 3 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out!

We are very excited to announce that Issue 3 of our Magazine is out! Featuring exclusive interviews, reviews, articles, and a video, Issue 3 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is available in the Apple Newsstand as a free app (subscription is US $2.99 after a 7-day free trial).

What’s in it?…

  • A celebration of Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry on Centrediscs, by Justin Rito
  • Late summer conversation with Gilbert Nouno, by Xenia Pestova
  • Group 180: Minimalism behind the Iron Curtain, by Evan Burke
  • Adventurous by nature, by Ruth L. Carver—our feature profile of Mivos Quartet.
  • Moondog: Notable Street Musician or Neglected Composer?, by Daniel J. Kushner
  • Empyrean Atlas in rehearsal [Video], by Thomas Deneuville
  • Creating a World of Sound With SuperCollider, by Dana Wen
  • Passing on, by Don Clark
  • Gaming the music, by Matt Mendez
  • Bent Frequency, by Thomas Deneuville
  • New Releases, by Thomas Deneuville

We also announced the winners of our Issue 2 contest!

Download it now for free on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; and enjoy a 7-day free trial!