Our Magazine Is Out On Android!

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Is that what you just thought when you read this headline? Yeah? Well, me too.

I am really excited to announce that, as of today, our award-winning magazine is now available on Android (phones and tablets). Thanks to our partner, TypeEngine, the experience of our fantastic app was brought from the apple to the tiny green robot.

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Nine Issues

You know what’s great about launching the Android App a year and a half after the iOS one? Android users will discover our magazine through nine issues! That’s a lot of content to read and watch! New subscribers will have access to all past issues.

Is It The Same Thing As The Blog?

Actually, no. The content in the magazine is exclusive, with the exception of a few previews that we post here to showcase what we do. Where the blog focuses on the daily beat, the magazine takes more time to look into the new music scene through profiles, interviews, opinion posts, videos, etc.

No Network? No Problem!

One of the great things about the magazine is that you simply download the content on your device (the equivalent of a couple of songs) and you read whenever, wherever (the A train, your favorite cabin in the Colorado, etc.) The only thing that we won’t download to your device are the exclusive videos: You’ll need a wifi connection to watch them. We don’t want to take that much room on your device.


Ready to Subscribe?

After a free 7-day trial, you will have the option to (in-app) purchase a yearly subscription for US $14.95. You will receive 6 bi-monthly issues for the price of 5—a 17% discount!

Note that we offer the same kind of yearly subscription on iOS now.

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Do You Need Help?

We have a support site that you can find here: You can read our FAQ (a work in progress) or open a support ticket.