Winter 2015 Mixtape Cover

The Winter 2015 Mixtape is out!

I am very excited to announce that our Winter 2015 Mixtape is out! Once again, some excellent music was submitted.

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The track listing is:

1. Tracy Silverman, Matisse: La Danse (3:01)
2. Mara Gibson, Tom Aber, Michael Hall and Robert Pherigo, Moments – Method IV (3:19)
3. Christopher Cerrone, composer; Marc Lowenstein, conductor, Invisible Cities Scene 4: Armilla (5:48)
4. PbGut, heiressless (3:32)
5. Nonsemble, composed by Chris Perren, Go Part 3c (3:58)
6. John Eagle, incomplete polyrhythms: 2/1 (7:45)
7. Christoffer Schunk, Refractions III (3:24)
8. JP Merz, composer; Leo Sussman and Caitlynn Winker, piccolo, drops on a living surface (6:30)
9. Powerdove, Into the Sea (3:49)
10. Carlos Pacheco-Perez, percussion; Jay Hurst, composer, Gilded (7:03)
11. Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble, Saturated Colour (6:34)
12. Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Copenhagen Recorder Ensemble, Soprano Recorder (5:24)
13. Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, composer; performed by Ergodos Musicians, All the ends of the earth II (4:12)

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For more info about each artist, including links to their websites, BUY links, and social media profiles, visit the Winter 2015 Mixtape page.