The Summer 2015 Mixtape is out!


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The track listing is:

1. Lark Quartet / Jennifer Higdon, Light Refracted-Outward (4:08)
2. The Tusks Band, Trickle (3:50)
3. Composer: Neil Luck / Performers: Tom Jackson (Clarinet) & Neil Luck (Voice) / Text: Arthur Rimbaud & Neil Luck, Terrible Entendre (1:59)
4. Bob Lukomski, Maundy Thursday (3:06)
5. Composer: John J. Neumann / Performer: John J. Neumann a.k.a. Tea With Warriors, Black Birds (3:52)
6. Composer: Allison Cameron / Performers: Contact, 3rds, 4ths & 5ths (7:20)
7. Composer: Scott Lee / Performers: Da Capo Chamber Players w/ Steve Beck & Michael Lipsey (guests), Bottom Heavy (6:40)
8. Composer and laptop performer: Keith Kothman, [un]wired fantasies (6:44)
9. Composer: Andy Akiho / Performers: RighteousGIRLS, KARakurENAI (4:59)
10. Composer: Andrew Hamilton / Performer: Michelle O’Rourke, O’ROURKE (3:50)
11. The Kraken Quartet, Open Up Your Windows (5:54)
12. Composer: Dale Trumbore / Performers: Web & Bone Singers (Amelia Tobiason, Monika Beal, Elizabeth Anderson, Victoria Fox), Ebb Tide (3:27)
13. Composer: Sam Kohler / Performer: Rebecca Whitney, Prelude No. 3 for Solo Piano (2:18)




For more info about each artist, including links to their websites, BUY links, and social media profiles, visit the Summer 2015 Mixtape page.